Thursday, September 1, 2011

Happy Birthday To Allison

August 19 was Allison's 13th birthday!  I am now a mom of a teenager.  I still cannot believe it.  Allison has always hated that school starts before her birthday, so she requested that her party be before she had to go back to school.  We had the party on Monday August the first.  Looking back in retrospect, I think Allison was actually just trying to get two parties!  Of course we could not just let her actual day go by without cake, so we had another small celebration with family on Allison's actual birthday. 

I hope this is lucky thirteen!  For years I have heard horror stories about teenagers, so I am entering this stage of motherhood with just a tad of trepidation.  Wish me luck!

Leah gave the pinata such a whack she knocked it off it's tether and sent if flying across the yard. 

The girls wanted to play this game with toilet tissue where you race another pair and try to get your person wrapped up like a mummy first.  They had a great time, but do you see all the little white spots in the pictures below.....that is the dust from the tissue.  My house was covered in a fine layer of white dust after this was over.  My whole house!!  

That is Leah all wrapped up below.

Rachel thought the girls were pretty funny.  I am thinking that she was wondering why she gets in trouble for using too much tissue, but big girls can wrap their whole bodies in it. 

After the game the girls proceeded to shred the paper and play in the huge mess.  I guess when you live in Florida and don't have piles of leaves in the fall or mounds of snow in the winter, paper makes for a pretty good time.  Sad, isn't it?!?! 

Hopefully, this will be the first of many posts that will posted in rapid succession over the next several days.  I am going to try to catch up with what is going on around here.  I will need some really good luck for that too!

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