Friday, September 16, 2011

Happy Birthday Take Two

I am so far behind in posting.  Geez, these photos are almost a month old.  I know I posted about Allison's birthday party, but that was the first of August.  We had a little family party on her actual birthday and she got her presents form us, which were a surfboard and a sewing machine.  The surfboard has yet to make it's inaugural run, but the sewing machine has gotten some use.  I actually sewed a pair of pajama bottoms.  Allison said she wanted to do it, but somehow I got drafted into doing nearly all of it.  Mind you, I have never sewn a thing in my life, so I am learning along with Allison.  We still....or shall I say, I still......need to make the pajama top.  That material looks like it will be a little harder to work with, so I have not been to eager to try that, just yet.

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