Monday, March 15, 2010

Cookie Is Ours!

Well, we made it over to the dog rescue on Saturday and we were approved to adopt the dog!  We are now the proud owners of Cookie.  He is smaller than I thought and looks more like a poodle than I expected, but he seems like a very sweet dog.  He slept in the crate most of the way home-which was about a two hour ride.  When we got home he hung out with the girls in the yard for bit before we loaded him back into the car to go we pick up Mike from the airport. (He thought he was coming home on Sunday, but he was just confused with all the time change, and he arrived back in Florida about 7:00pm Saturday)  This time we let Cookie just ride in the seat with the girls.  Mike's flight was delayed about 30 minutes, so we had to hang out in the car for almost an hour.  Cookie did not mind a bit.  He crawled up in the front seat and napped off and on, occassionally getting up to see who was walking by the car.  He did great back at home, with the exception of dinner time.  He just couldn't help himself and was constantly putting his front feet on the table edge or someone's lap.  At bedtime, he went into his crate without any problem.  Mike did have to get up and move the crate away from the window, because Cookie would occasionally growl and bark when he looked out.  After moving him, though, all was quiet and he slept through the night.  Yesterday, we gave up on trying to keep Cookie away form the table while we ate and put him in his crate during meals.  The crate is in the kitchen, but once you put him in it, he will just lie down and go to sleep, which is really cool.  He gets really excited and barks like crazy when he sees the cat, and he will bark when he thinks he sees something outside, but so far he has been really great.  He loves the kids, and they are so excited to have a dog that will come up to them and ask for attention.  The dog we got from the shelter a few weeks ago did not want to have anything to do with them,and ended up biting Allison in the face, so he went back to the shelter.  Now if we can just get the cat and dog used to each other we will be set!  I introduced them to each other for a little bit this morning.  Needless to say, the dog was over the top excited and quivering with anticipation.  The cat was not  at all amused.  The cat did not freakout, but he was none to happy about it. 

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  1. He's really cute. Great he's fitting in to your family so quickly.