Friday, March 5, 2010

Check It Out

Yes, I have been playing with the blog. I am not sure I like it, but I really enjoy playing around with it. I love "creating" stuff, and it is even more fun when I feel that I have mastered some new feat of technology!

We have had an eventful week. We adopted a dog from the local shelter last Friday, but by noon on Saturday, the dog had attacked Allison, getting in some pretty good teeth marks to her nose, upper lip, upper gum and chin. Fortunately, she was not seriously injured! Needless to say, the dog had to go back to the shelter. We were all sad, but at the same time grateful that we had found out the true nature of the dog without anyone being seriously injured. Allison was very concerned about having to go to school on Monday with her face all scabbed over, but she did okay and has not seemed to be too concerned about it after she made it through the first day. The doctor put her on another round of antibiotics to try to ward off infection from the dog bite. Apparently, the new meds were not nearly as appealing as the last round was and we have had a difficult time getting Allison to take it!

Leah had to go back to the doctor on Monday for a strep test to see if the round of antibiotics she was on took care of the strep she had two weeks ago. The test came back negative, so she was good to go. She has spent the rest of the week being very emotional. I was wishing yesterday that we could rewind and get her out of the other side of the bed! She got up crying that I did not wake her up for breakfast. Not only did I wake her up, but we talked about her tortoise and the book she has been reading. I don't know how much more awake she is supposed to be to understand that it is time for breakfast, but when I went upstairs the second time to tell her it was time to get dressed, she has had a meltdown-BIGTIME! We had to go through it all again this morning-it was like the movie Groundhog Day. Starting the day off grouchy makes for a late start to school, and I was glad to drop her off these last two mornings!!

Rachel went to the ophthalmologist on Tuesday for her yearly recheck. Her prescription has gotten weaker-the doctor said it was expected as she she gets bigger, so she will be getting new glasses soon. I am trying to locate an office that sells frames from Specs 4 Us. Their glasses are specifically designed for children with Down syndrome and are supposed to fit better than the regular frames. Rachel has no nose bridge and needs all the help she can get. There are three doctors in the area that sell the frames. After calling one of them, I am finding that it will not be convenient to get to any of them, so I am just going to have to make one of them work for us. None of them are any closer that about 30 miles. Two are in Orlando near the speech therapist, so I might try to work out an appointment with one of them when I have Rachel in the area for speech therapy. That is, if I can get the repairs done by a local doctor in town. I cannot afford a trip over to Orlando every time Rachel takes off the glasses and throws them in the floor for someone to step on! I have lost count of how many times I have taken her glasses in to be straightened!

I am hoping that Rachel is well in the morning so that she can go to her gymnastics class. Last Friday night she was up all night throwing up, so I kept her home Saturday. The Saturday before, she appeared to be coming down with something so I kept her home because I figured she was coming down with the strep the two big girls had had. She turned out to be fine, so that was unnecessary. She loves to go to gymnastics so I know she will be glad to finally get to go in the morning. Mike will be leaving on Sunday to go to South Korea for a week. I guess the girls and I will make it a girls week, which is cool. That means that I can get through the week without having to really cook!

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