Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I Think I am Done Now

After about four complete makeovers, I think I have settled on the new look for the blog.  The first template was just too dark;  the second was too hard to read; the third just wasn't me.  I figured this fourth and final template was fitting.......what with the Keirnan Irish heritage and the clovers.  Not to mention, I really liked the green.  I have also played around with all kinds of things in the settings. In some cases I have learned something new, in other cases I may end up learning something new eventually, but often I just confused myself, so if you see something weird happening on the blog, just write it off as my inability to figure out this stuff.

Our week has been pretty laid back.  Allison is taking the FCAT this week.  It is the standardized test that the state uses to rate its schools.  Because of that, she has not had any homework.....yay!  That makes for much easier afternoons because the girls can go outside and play.  Rachel's speech therapy in Orlando was canceled Tuesday so we did not have to spend almost four hours in the car for the 30 minute session of speech.  After school, Rachel and I did go up to Titusville about 40 minutes north to order her some new eyeglasses.  This shop in Titusville sells the eyeglasses from Spec 4 Us.  These glasses are made just for people with Down Syndrome.  Since Rachel has such a flat nose, she has nothing for the glasses to sit on.  Specs 4 Us glasses take into account the shape of the face of a person with Down syndrome and work with it to give them glasses that don't constantly rest down on the end of their noses.  I cannot wait for her to get her new glasses.  It will take at least two weeks though. 

Today I was not needed at either school for my weekly day of volunteering, so I was able to come right back to the house after dropping the girls off.  I usually spend all morning at the schools, not getting home until after 1:00pm.  One would think that since I was back home by 8:30am, that I would be able to take advantage of this extra time and get some things down around the house, but one would be wrong.  Note the first paragraph of this blog to see how I so wisely spent my time!  We don't have anything except our usual school schedule and horseback riding for the rest of the week, so hopefully I will get motivated to do some housekeeping.

One last thing.........having a child with Down syndrome can lead to some moments of irony.  A couple of days ago, I walked into the living room and saw Rachel jumping on the couch.  As I heard the words, "Rachel, stop jumping on the couch!" come out of my mouth, it dawned on me that she was JUMPING!!!  Suddenly I was saying, "Rachel, was jumping on the couch, did you see that, she was JUMPING!!! it again, do it again"  It is the first time I have ever seen her jump, despite the hours that PT has worked with her to try to teach her how.  She would not do it again, but maybe she will remember what it felt like and be able to do it again soon.  Funny, the things I take for granted with my older children.

Well, with my new settings, I do not seem to have spell check......what is up with that.  Sorry for any unintelligible (oh that spelled right?!?) words!! How could I not have spell check!  I can insert a jump break, but I cannot spell check.  I may have to go back to my old ways.


  1. I like the blog makeover but then I liked the last one too!
    Sounds like you've had a more relaxing week, always nice for a change.
    Hope Alison isn't stressed out with the testing. Do they do the tests at a certain age? Will Leah do them too?
    Cool to hear Rachel is jumping, funny that it was on the couch. More motivating that way!!! LOL I'm sure she'll jump again for the therapist when she wants to.

  2. Too bad you are not allowed to have a trampoline (and homeowner's insurance) in Florida. I bet Rachel would love jumping on one of those!!