Sunday, March 28, 2010

How To Waste An Afternoon

I thought I would run a couple of errands this afternoon.  I needed to go to Target to pick up a prescription, so I thought I would get a few things while I was there, and Mike asked me to pick up some motor oil for him.  Easy enough, right?  Okay, so I got to Target.  I picked up the things I needed.  I almost forgot to go by the pharmacy to pick up the meds, but fortuantely, I did remember before I walked out of the store.  So....I got there and said I needed to pick up a prescription.  The pharmacist said that there was not one filled for me.  I started to get miffed, thinking, "You guys do this to me every time!"  Then I suddenly remembered that I did not call in a refill, because there were no refills left on the last prescription.  I had gotten a script from the doctor about a month ago to get filled when I ran out, and guess what?  I had not given them the new script!  So I started to fumble through my purse, embarrassed and flustered, looking for the new script.  It was not to be found.  I figured it must be at home on the counter somewhere.  I went on a ran another errand and went home to find the script.  It was nowhere to be found.  I went back to the car and started pilfering through my purse again.  I found my watch that had been missing for almost a year!  And much to my relief (and dismay), the script.  I had had it the whole time!!!  Back I went to the store (oh yeah, I had forgotten to get the oil Mike had asked me to get!), gave them them the script and went to get the oil Mike had asked me to pick up.  Guess what!  Target did not have the right oil.............Back to the pharmacy I went.  I picked up the meds and headed over to Walmart.  It took some searching, and at times I thought I might be remembering the numbers wrong, but I found the right oil.  After spending three hours running back and forth to the store, I had the medication and the motor oil!  Woohoo!  On the way home I forgot to stop by the bank for about the third time and had to turn around and go back to deposit some checks that I had been riding around for about a week.  Sometimes I wonder how I make it through a day!!  On a positive note, I got all my running around finished before the severe weather hit! 

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