Monday, August 18, 2008

Back To School

Well, today was the day! The girls started back to school-they may have a weather day tomorrow due to Tropical Storm Fay, but they were back today! Nobody was terribly excited about it, but they went without much complaint. I took the girls to school this morning to show them to their rooms and to help them carry all the bags of school supplies they had to take. Later this week, they will start taking the bus. Leah walked into her first grade classroom like a big girl. When Allison was in first grade, it was a different story. I had to pry her vise-like fingers off my ankles and run! Allison is now old enough that she gives me no complaints, thank goodness. She says that the teacher she has this year is nice, so she was not too nervous about going this morning.
Rachel just goes along with whatever.........that is until the teacher opened the door to the classroom and told her to come in. She realized it was not her old teacher and she did not want to go in. Once in the room, she decided it was okay, and she headed right for the baby dolls. The teacher quickly herded her back over to her "cubbie" and was trying to get her to put her stuff away when Rachel said, "Go, Go." She sat down in the floor when the teacher tried to encourage her to put her things away. At that point I decided to leave, because Rachel was watching me to see if I was going to come in and save her. I peeked in the door just seconds later, and she was over the little pouting spell and heading to the table to eat her breakfast. She was all smiles when I went to pick her up at noon. They said she had a good day-and that she went potty at school! That is a first. I had not even told them she was doing it sometimes at home and she never went to the potty at school last year. I guess it is getting time to push her and get this potty training completed!!! I cannot wait to get rid of every diaper in my house-I have been changing diapers for the last ten years.
This afternoon was interesting. In the past, our neighborhood had one bus for the girls' elementary school that made two stops. This year they have decided that we need two. The annoying thing about that is they seemed to have randomly put the kids on the two buses. Allison and Leah got put on the bus that stops in the front of the neighborhood. Several of the other kids in the neighborhood were in the same predicament. All of the moms were on the phone with the school today to get the kids moved to the bus that stops closest to our homes. The school told me that the girls would get put on the appropriate bus this afternoon. Of course, after walking to the closest bus stop, a mom calls me and tells me that my girls were on the wrong bus and have gotten off at the front of the neighborhood. I guess we will all get it straight by week's end. At least they were in the right neighborhood!!
The big girls seemed to have had a great day. They both think their teachers are "funny and nice." Leah is excited because she will get to have baby chicks in her classroom in the spring-she is going to be disappointed when she finds out how far away spring is. Allison has come thru the door acting like a teenager. She is dying to have someone over, and has run up the stairs to talk on the phone. I try to deny that she is growing up, and a lot of times she really does not act her age, but sometimes she surprises me with how grown up she seems.
I apologize for the lack of paragraphs in this post, but no matter how hard I tried I could not get the silly thing to come out right!!!! It would look right in the rough draft, but once posted, everyting ran together. Who knows?

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