Saturday, August 16, 2008

Busy Week

Pictures from this week................Rachel enjoys her spaghetti, and Allison celebrates her 10th birthday.

What a busy week! The first part of the week was spent in Tampa with my sister. she was battling kidney stones and having to make multiple trips to the doctor and hospital. The girls and I went over Sunday and stayed until Wednesday.

We left Tampa Wednesday afternoon as my sister's mother-in-law came in to take over the second shift. We arrived in Melbourne about 6:00pm and had two hours to get to two schools to get the girls registered for school. I managed to get that done with about 30 mins to spare. Thursday we got up and got Rachel to her endocrinologist appointment. She goes every six months for check ups. He says everything looks good-Rachel has grown one inch and has gained three pounds in the last six months. She is now a whopping 27 pounds at almost five years of age. We got orders for blood work to check her thyroid levels, and if all is well, we won't have to see the doctor again until February.

Yesterday, Rachel had her monthly appointment with her physical therapist. I kept this therapist on from Rachel's Early Steps program. She is really good, I really trust her judgement, and I like having a second opinion to the physical therapist that Rachel sees twice a week at school. As soon as I could get two weeks worth of laundry up and going, I had to go to the grocery store. I had not been in almost two weeks and we totally out of food. I had to borrow milk from the neighbor the night before just to get through. After I got home from the store, Allison's friend came over for a sleepover. Allison will turn ten Tuesday, so this was her birthday celebration. We had cake and the girls had a night swim, which they think is super cool. Allison got a Ripstick for her birthday-probably aptly named since each kid I know with one has done a pretty good job of ripping the skin off their knees and elbows. I hope she does not break her arm on hers like the neighbor across the street did-just two weeks after her birthday!

This morning we are just hanging out and trying to take it easy. Mike has been working incredibly long hours this week so he is worn out. Nevertheless, he has things he has to get done. The pool chlorinator broke a few weeks ago, so we have been having to add chlorine to the pool regularly. Hopefully, this weekend he can get the wheels turning to get a new chlorinator installed.

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  1. Happy Birthday Allison !!
    I love your m&m cake... very cool.

    Aunt Rose