Monday, August 25, 2008

First Day of School, Take II

We are all trying to dry out down here in Florida. The sun was actually shining for a little bit yesterday, interrupted only once with a short rain shower. The kids started back to school today after missing 4 out 5 days last week-there go all the little holidays and inservices scheduled throughout the year. Today was like the first day of school all over again-First Day of School, Take II. The were all unhappy all over again. Nobody wanted to get up this morning after sleeping in again for one more week. Allison said that last week was the best first week of school ever!

Mike is recovering from sleeping in his contacts last week. He took the contacts out the next morning, only to have his eyes get really red, puffy and painful. He had to go the the eye doctor, who said that his eyes were abraded-ugh! He missed two days of work because of the discomfort and the fact that he could not keep his eyes open.

I went to the doctor for my post-op checkup last week. It has now been five weeks since the hysterectomy. The doctor said that I am still supposed to be taking it easy. I feel great and was ready to get back to my normal routine, so I was disappointed that they said three more weeks. When I complained, they said, "We said eight weeks!" I did not want to argue, but I sure never remember them saying it was going to be eight weeks of recovery. It sure makes for slow walks into the school building when I cannot pick Rachel up and carry her to her classroom when we are running late. I am also having a fit to get out and weed my flowerbeds, but that involves all the no-nos of no bending, squatting, straining, etc.......

Leah has a loose tooth! It is not very loose yet, but she is soo excited. She has wanted to have a loose tooth since Allison started losing teeth three years ago. She was so disappointed when some of her kindergarten classmates lost teeth last year. I hate to see it happen, because she will start to look so much more grown up. I am not sure I am ready for that.

Leah is so funny. She loves to fish, kayak, fly airplanes is now asking Mike to take her out in the garage and teach her how to "fix" things. She wants to be just like her Daddy. I guess she is as close to a little boy that Mike will ever get. Yesterday she spent time in the garage helping Mike work on the old trail bike and then she got him to show her how to use a hammer. Unfortunately, she hammers just like me-I can never get a nail to go in straight. She is just six, so there is still hope for her.

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