Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tropical Storm Fay

Well, here we sit...........the girls are home from school because of the "weather." It is supposed to be very rainy and windy, 30-40mph winds. In my opinion, not nearly bad enough to miss the second day of school! The weather right now is light rain and a little breezy. Not bad at all, but I know the stronger winds are yet to come. I almost hope it gets worse to justify having the kids home from school. The neighbor has hurricane shutters on his house, and he has them all closed. Kind of funny looking out the window at the 5-10mph winds and light rain and seeing the neighbors sealed up in their hurricane proof home.

Today is Allison birthday. She thinks it is pretty neat to be out of school on her birthday. She is the big 1-0. She got birthday money from both grandpas, yesterday, that is burning a hole in her pocket. She wants to go to Target today to spend it. I guess I will monitor the weather, and if it looks like it is not going to be raining too hard after lunch, we will go to Target. Hey, you may not be able to go to school, but you can always go to Target!!! Neither snow, sleet, or dark of night, etc. will keep us from our shopping trips to Target.

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  1. Birthday kisses to Allison.
    Hope you're all still safe and sound.

    Aunt Rosie