Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christmas Cookies

We are in the holiday spirit now!! Yesterday, Leah had to bake cookies to take in to school this morning. I was hoping she would choose the cookies that I can just pop out of the package and bake, but no such luck. She chose to make the sugar cookies that you have to roll out, cut and decorate with the frosting and sprinkle decorations.....of course. Here are some pictures of how Leah spent her afternoon.

Leah rolls out the dough. I have to admit that the sugar cookie dough came from the package because you can see the wrapping here in this picture, but this is as close to homemade cookies as we get in my house.
The fun part!! We have no skill when it comes to putting icing on the cookies. We had the icing in a can, and none of us could manage to control how much we put on the cookies, but we had fun trying.
The finished product. Despite the looks, the cookies were great! The cool thing about not having control of the icing is that the cookies were covered in it, so they were extra good!
Check out Leah's star n the middle there. That one was probably our coolest looking cookie. I am not sure how she managed to do that one.
The job is complete. Note the icing on the forehead and eyebrow. The chef samples the product and looks a little worse for wear. You cannot see it in the picture, but she also had green icing in her hair. She had to go straight from the kitchen to the tub.
After dinner the customers gets to sample the wares too. The consensus was that the cookies were great!

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