Saturday, December 6, 2008

Decorate '08

Another busy week, but at least everyone was well. Sunday we "HAD" to decorate the tree. The girls would have it no other way!! As usual, that was more of an ordeal than I had planned. I pulled out all the lights and realized that I did not have a single string that worked completely. Each string had at least one section that was not working. That meant a trip to Home glad it is close by. Of course the lights I wanted were all sold out!! That was a surprise, considering it was just the first day of December!

Monday I had to volunteer in Allison classroom. Fortunately that only took about an hour. After working at the school, I ran home and did some housework and made out my grocery list. I usually shop on Sunday's, but the Christmas tree decorating had taken priority. After picking up Rachel from school, she and I ran to the store for food. Tuesday I tried to get some laundry done, Wednesday was another volunteer day. That was wretched. The teacher wanted me to make these little books to help the kids do measurement conversions. I worked on those at the school until I had to go get Rachel, then I worked on them at home. It took me forever.......I later discovered that it was taking me forever because I had cut out enough pages to make 46 books instead of the requested 23. Oh well, extra is always good, right? Thursday morning was back to school for a volunteer breakfast. I try to avoid these, but Leah's class was singing and she was disappointed last year when I did not of to school for the morning again. After the breakfast I had an appointment for a haircut. Friday morning I tried to wrap up my Christmas shopping. As usual that took longer than anticipated too. Two hours in Target, yikes!! I came home and wrapped presents...just getting done before the kids got home from school. Why does everything related to the holiday took so long to do?

In addition to the running around, I spent this week battling with the girls to get their homework done. They are really starting to drag in that department. I hope that the Christmas break will help refuel them! With much help, Allison is just about done with her Holiday Around the World project, or shall I say, I am about done with her holiday project. She worked on the poster and did a rough draft of the report, but I typed it with some elaborations and added the graphics to the pages. Amazing what you can do with reports these days. This fourth grade report is way more fancy than any college paper I ever did, and it was way easier to do!!

Today, the girls are hanging out around the house. Allison had her best friend over to spend the night. We recently found out that this friend will be moving away soon-in tow weeks to be exact. We are all so sad to see her go. She and Allison have been friends since they were in first grade and she is a super sweet little girl. I told her mom I would keep her here, but she want let me have her. I don't think I would even notice one more little girl! Mike has take Rachel to her horseback riding. I was supposed t clean the house while he was gone, but that has not happened. I wonder how much I can get done before he gets home in the next 30 minutes. The girls want to go to the movies to see Disney's Bolt. I told them we will see. I wonder if I can talk Mike into doing that too? This evening we hope to watch Alabama win the SEC championship game! Roll Tide!

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