Monday, December 15, 2008

It's All About The Girls!!

Friday, Allison went to spend the night with her best friend. This is the last weekend that her friend will be here in Florida. Next Friday, she is moving to Wisconsin. Allison is so sad to see her go. Leah was devastated that Allison got to go somewhere without her. It breaks her heart to be left out of anything, so Mike took her out for ice cream after dinner, and we let her stay up late (until 10:30pm or so). Rachel tried to stay up late too, but just couldn't do it!

Saturday morning, Rachel went horseback riding. Mike had to go into work, so Leah had to tag along with me and Rachel. She was none too happy about that, but she survived. It was pretty chilly out in the wind, but the sun was shining, thank goodness. Leah sat in the van and played Ninetindo games. Allison came home from her friend's house about 1:30pm. She and Leah spend the next few hours running in and out of the house, supposedly "playing outside." Mike got home from work about 3:30pm. At that point, I headed outside to put up the Christmas decorations. I told the girls if it did not happen this weekend, it was not going to happen. I actually got to wear a sweat shirt while I was decorating! I believe it is the first time I have decorated outside here and not had to wear shorts! Kind of helps put you in the mood for decorating. I was determined to get the outside completed Saturday, so I stayed out there until 7:30pm. The girls thought that was great and they stayed outside and played hide and seek in the dark with flashlights-they called it "manhunt", but based on what I saw, it was hide and seek. It reminded me of playing kick the can when I was young. Anyway, I finished the decorations, yea!! Decorating palm trees took a couple of years of getting used to, but I have my own technique now.

While the kids were outside playing, Allison's friend wandered walked by with her dog. The kids immediately went into covert planning for another sleepover. We ended up having Allison's friend over-well, it was her last Saturday night here-and the neighbor across the street, which is also a really good friend of Allison and Leah. She is in the third grade, so she fits right between Allison and Leah. Mike was a trooper and fixed dinner while I wrapped up decorating. Below are the girls chowing down on the spaghetti. It gave them lots of energy for the late night Twister game!
Sunday, the sleepover party headed outside to play. They decided that the debris pile down the street had the makings of a fort, so they drug all the stuff down to our yard and propped it up on the side of the house. Viola! A fort! They played in and around that thing all afternoon. They had a picnic lunch in there, which was really funny to see, because the square footage of the fort was only about 12 square feet. They were packed in there, but they had a great time!

This is what the fort looked like from the street. Yes, from the street. Needless to say, we had to take it down at the end of the day. I am sure the homeowners association would have not appreciated the craftsmanship that went into the fort.

Sunday evening was time to wind down and finish up homework. I usually get Allison to get her work all done on Friday, but for some reason that I cannot remember, that did not happen. Below is a lovely picture that Allison took of the rolls that were on the table Sunday night-Rose, Allison could use some pointers on how to photograph food artistically! Allison thought her stacking job was really cool!! No, we did not eat all of those. Allison just wanted to put them all out on the table so that she could build the pyramid. The things you just let slide to get through the day...........

Below Rachel gets ready for bed by fixing every one's water. She is so cute, trying to do it by herself. After she fixes the drinks she has to take them to the girls too. What a great little helper she is!

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