Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday

Soooo, did anyone else go out before sunrise to try to snag a bargain? I thought I would try to go to Walmart this morning to buy a TV that they had really cheap. I have never done the Black Friday thing before, so I was SHOCKED at how many people were out shopping at 5:00am!!! The Walmart parking lot was FULL! I did not get there in time to get the TV. It was sold out by 5:20am. It took me 15 minutes to get to the back of the store where the TVs were. As I headed back home, I stopped at Radio Shack, because they had a similar offer. The doors opened at 6:00am, so I had to wait in the car for a little bit. Five minutes before the doors opened, people started showing up so I got out of the car and fell in line. I was the first to the TVS and got one, yea!! Five minutes later a lady came to buy the same TV, and they had to get her the one off the shelf. Can you believe they only had two in the whole store. Anyway, I have a new TV!! It is supposed to be the girls, but I told Mike it is more for me, because it will allow me to move the Wii game upstairs to their playroom instead of having it connected to our big TV in the family room. Merry Christmas to me!!

Allison seems to be on the mend. She is still not eating anything, but she has been drinking, and she has not been sick since about midnight Wednesday night. She always surprises me and throws up two days after I think she is well, so we will see, but she seems better. She is still hanging out in bed and is currently sleeping, so she is not 100% yet. So far the rest of us remain well. I hope we can make it through without anybody else getting sick! I am still paranoid after every one of us got sick a few years ago. That was lots of fun.

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