Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Not Ready Yet.....

Today I am trying to get caught up with my laundry. I spent yesterday morning running around. To start the morning off, I realized on the way to the big girls' school, that I had left Rachel's extra set of clothes at home on the bathroom counter....darn it! Then when we got to the big girls' school, we realized Allison had left her backpack at home. The irony of it all is that she put Leah's and Rachel's in the car! I dropped the girls off at their school at 7:40am, but had to take Rachel to her school before I could go back home for Allison's backpack. Rachel has PT bright and early at 8:15am on Mondays, so she could not be late. As I am I a dropping off Rachel, I actually remembered to tell them that she was in big girl panties for the day, for the FIRST time. Remember me saying that I had left her extra clothes at home........well, I told them to call me if they needed them. Rachel had done well over the weekend with going to the potty, so I crossed my fingers and left.

I drove back home and picked up Allison's backpack. It was in the garage!! I don't know how we got out of there with it sitting right in front of us. I got her backpack to her at 8:30am, just in time for her to turn in her math homework! Since I was in Allison's classroom, I did a couple of things for the teacher and headed home about 9:00am. I got home and was able to get a few things done before Rachel's school called. Guess what......she had wet her pants! Of course it really didn't surprise me, but I was hoping she would make it. Soooo, I jumped back into the car and headed back to Rachel's school.

When I was done there, I didn't have enough time to get back home without having to turn right around and go back and pick up Rachel, so I went and did some shopping. I HATE shopping-for clothes that is, but, I had no option. Allison went through her clothes the other day and gave Leah all of her pants that were too short. She was left with two pair of pants. She also only had three long sleeve shirts. She might would be able to make it through the next couple of weeks without new clothes, but the next time it cools off she would be in some serious need of some clothes! I went to Old Navy and Justice and hit the sales racks and did not do too bad. The best thing of all is that Allison actually liked all the things I picked out. You may ask why I didn't wait and take her along too? Well, she hates shopping as much as me and when we have to do it together, it turns into a wretched ordeal!

So, today I am hoping to be able to stay home until it is time to go pick Rachel up at noon. You know what........I just remembered that I did not get Rachel another set of clothes to her school again today. Yikes!!! Well, she is in pull ups again, so maybe she won't spill anything on herself. I just decided to wait until the Christmas break to really start pressing her out of the pull ups.

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