Friday, November 7, 2008

Can I cry too?

Oh boy!! Anybody got a place I can come and spend the weekend?! The girls are driving me crazy, and they have only been home from school for two hours. Allison is pretending she does not know how to do her homework-rather convincingly, I might add-because it is time consuming and she does not want to do it. She has been procrastinating now for an hour and has turned on the tears at least once trying to get out of it. Leah had her meltdown right after school, because Mike told her they could go camping this weekend. Despite the fact that he told her it could not be Friday night, she came home from school talking about the camping trip she was going on tonight. Lots of tears when I told her the reality of it! Rachel is also learning the fake cry. Twice today she has tried to use it on me. Just a few minutes ago, I made her put some toys down to wash her hands and she put on her Oscar winning performance. She is pretty convincing too. Do you think I can get away with putting them all to bed at 5:00pm?!?!?

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