Saturday, November 15, 2008


Well, the dentist pulled Leah's tooth yesterday. Leah was none to happy about it and tried to talk the dentist into doing it another time, but the dentist said, "today's the day!" You can see the permanent tooth that was behind the baby tooth is already all the way through. It is set back because the baby tooth was there for so long. Hopefully it will move forward over time. After it was all said and done Leah was really excited to show everybody she had lost a tooth. She was a trooper about it all. She was really scared, but only cried a little.

November 15 and the girls are in the pool. It was pretty warm today, but the pool has cooled off quite a bit, so they were not in it for very long. The water is too cold for Rachel, so fortunately she did not persist about getting in too. Tonight it is really supposed to cool off, going down into the 50s and only warming up into the 60s tomorrow. They won't be in the pool tomorrow!!

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