Thursday, November 13, 2008

School Pictures

Nothing much happening this week. Leah is on a field trip today to the King Center to see a play. Man, does she stress about following rules....hate to complain about that, but she was driving me crazy last night about what she was supposed to wear and how she was supposed to pack her lunch. She was freaking out that she would be dressed inappropriately (pretty ironic considering how she dresses most days). She also had it set in her mind that she had to have a "disposable" lunch. Often on field trips the teachers ask that the kids bring sack lunches so that they don't have to keep up with their lunch boxes. Leah's class will be at the play during her regular lunch time, so the teacher wanted them to bring their lunches to eat in the classroom when they return. I told Leah that it did not matter what her lunch was packed in , but she would not rest until it was in a paper bag. At one point she said she did not want to go on the trip because she did not know what to do about everything. She did not believe me for a second when I told her I knew what she should do and would make sure she was dressed appropriately and had the right lunch. Anyway, I did get her off to school this morning. I hope everything is going smoothly for her.

Rachel is coming down with a cold. I guess it was inevitable. Every other kid in her class has already had it. She woke up with a runny nose this morning. She has not really had a cold since her tonsillectomy in February, so we will see how she handles it now that she has a bigger airway! Maybe we can get through this without having to use the nebulizer. I did finally get her flu shot a couple of weeks ago, but I have been a bad mommy and not gotten my own or gotten the big girls in to get theirs. I really need to do that soon.

Tomorrow, Allison and Leah go to the dentist. Allison is just going in for a cleaning. Leah is going in for sealants and for the dentist to assess whether she needs to pull a tooth. Leah has one of her bottom teeth coming in behind her baby tooth. She looks a little bit like a shark at the moment with the two rows of teeth. I am not sure if the dentist will pull the tooth tomorrow or not, but I know that she is going to want to do that at some point. She said last month, at Leah's cleaning, that if the tooth didn't loosen up by this visit-and it hasn't- that she would pull it. Yikes!

The big girls got their school pictures back last week. I have not gotten Rachel's yet. They are looking like such big girls. I could not believe that Leah's hair was actually not sticking up in some funny way! Notice she did not smile. She does not like her smile and pretty much refuses to show her teeth-or lack thereof-for the camera. I cannot believe that they start worrying about those kind of things at such an early age!!


  1. I just cannot keep up with you on this blog!! Between reading email and celebrity gossip online, I just can't seem to find the time to get anything done!

  2. I hope Leah's field trip went well, and that she was dressed appropriately!!

  3. They are both GORGEOUS! They got so big!