Thursday, March 5, 2009

And Then There Was One..........

After I thought Leah was getting better yesterday and might actually go to school today, she started running a fever again (102.8) and complaining of feeling dizzy. Oh yeah, she was complaining of her stomach hurting again too. I guess I will be calling the doctor when they open and see if I can get her in. I am pretty sure that it is a viral thing, but she has now missed four days of school and we will need the doctor's excuse. Silly isn't it? The school requires a doctor's note to excuse an absence. Mike says I should write the note and sign it with my RN credentials and see what they is a thought.

At about 9:00pm last night Rachel started throwing up. She had complained of her stomach hurting as best she could, so I was suspecting she had a tummy ache, but was not totally sure. She was sick about 5 times between 9:00pm and 12:00am. After that she she slept, thank goodness. I slept on some cushions in the floor in her room to be close if she needed me. At 4:00am I woke up and tried to go back to sleep, but started coughing-yes, I seem to have the same thing Leah has. At five I just gave up and got up. Sleeping in the floor is not that comfortable anyway. You cannot sleep with Rachel though, because she tosses and turns all over the bed! Sunday night I was up changing Rachel's wet bed at 2:00am, Monday night I was up with Leah trying to stop her bed from spinning, and last night I was up until after midnight and awake again at 4:00am. I am so thankful for Tuesday night's uninterrupted sleep!!!!

This morning Allison headed off to school alone!! So far so good for her. That is unusual, because she is usually my first kid to get sick! Rachel is up and seems to be feeling fine. She is asking for a pop tart, of all things. I cannot get her to eat crackers. I hope I am not making a mistake letting her eat! Leah is still sleeping. Should be another fun day!!!

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