Thursday, March 19, 2009

Lizard Update

Just a quick update on our renegade lizard.......I was walking through the house yesterday, when I noticed Conan all excited about something. I knew instantly that he had found the lizard. I chased him down, got him to drop the lizard, and then held him off while I chased the lizard. I actually caught the lizard-surprising myself. I usually need Allison to help me. She is our master lizard catcher. Of course the stinking tail came off in my hand. Eeeewwww! That is really nasty. I had to carry both the lizard and its tail outside so the cat would not get them. The lizard seemed unharmed with the exception of losing his tail, and he shot off into the grass as soon as I released my grasp on him. I bet he is really glad to be back outside. I am betting he was getting pretty hungry too. Not to say my house is bug free, but I am sure the pickings are more plentiful outside. Not to mention, the cat had been interested in a corner of the family room for a few days, so I am betting the little guy was having to spend most of his time in hiding. I am figuring the little guy will think twice before napping in a rolled up newspaper again.

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