Saturday, March 14, 2009

Still No Lizard

We are just hanging around the house today. Mike is at work for most of the weekend, so we have no plans for anything-that and it is raining off and on. The lizard still remains on the lamb in the house. I hope he is finding and eating all the bugs in my house. Today we loaded up and took Rachel to her horse backing riding, but as soon as she got on the horse, it started raining. They rode for about 15 minutes, thinking it would stop soon, but it just kept raining, so they called it a day. Rachel seemed glad to get of the horse and get out of the rain. She kept looking at me while she was on the horse like she was asking, "Does anybody else notice I am getting wet!?!"
After horse back riding, we came home and ate lunch. Since the sun was out again, the big girls decided to go fishing. It was not too long before they had a fish on the line. Poor little guy swallowed the whole hook, and I had to release him with it still in his mouth. I don't mind the girls fishing, but I hate when they catch something. I always have to get the poor thing off the hook. They have even caught soft shell turtles before and those things are a "booger" to get off the hook. Below are some random pictures of the weekend so far.
Allison and her overnight guest cook themselves breakfast. It is so cool to watch them become more independent. The fixed scrambled eggs and cinnamon toast.

Leah and the neighbor spend a relaxing afternoon fishing in the backyard.
This is Rahel's idea of fun in the playroom. She loves to bury the couch in toys.
Look at this fuzzy cat. He is in desperate need of a haircut! This is on my list of things to do, somewhere after cleaning the house, vacuuming my car, weeding my flower bed, etc, etc..........

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