Saturday, March 7, 2009

Zoo Pictures

Well, everyone is well for the moment and the weather was gorgeous so we headed out to the zoo. A neighborhood friend went with us. The girls all seemed to have a pretty good time. Leah said everything was boring and complained repeatedly that she was hungry, but despite it all she seemed to enjoy it. She has more stamina than I expected after laying around all week. Below are some pictures from the trip.

Rachel and Mollie pilot the fishing boat.

Leah feeds a lorikeet. She complained that it never got on her hat like a bird did to Allison, so I had to try to convince her that it was neater to have it on your hand where you can see it!
The lorikeet ate and ate and ate......and Allison thought that was cool. Then the lorikeet went poop on her hat, and she was none too happy about that.
They actually have armadillos in the petting area of the zoo. That was pretty cool They would come up to you and lick your ankles!!

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