Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Still Sick

Poor Leah........she has been sick since Sunday. On Sunday she started running a fever and complaining of feeling tired. She laid on the couch all day. Around 3:00am Monday morning, her temperature was 103.6!! Monday she was home from school and was on the couch again all day. She napped around 4:00pm and woke up complaining of a tummy ache off and on for the rest of the evening. Monday night and Tuesday morning (2:30am) she was crying and complaining of being dizzy. She said she was so dizzy her head hurt. ?????? Anyway, she seemed pretty uncomfortable and kept us both awake most of the night. Tuesday she seemed better. She actually did some of her homework, and she and I played a board game. The highest her temp was for the day was around 100. I figured I would keep her home today because she is still eating very little and has not really been up for more than a few minutes at a time. I was figuring she would be back to her self today and would be up and about, but she slept until 10:00am. She did get up and get dressed eventually, which is an improvement. She actually rode with me to pick up Rachel from school. I was thinking she must be recovered, but I took her temperature around lunch and it was 100.3. She has been sleeping on the couch for about an hour now. She may not go to school tomorrow either!

I just wanted to sing some praises for Rachel. She has been in big girl underwear for several weeks now and has not had an accident during the day for quite some time. It has now been a week and a half since I started putting her in big girl underwear overnight. She has now had 12 nights in underwear and only 4 accidents. Sometimes the accidents are when she gets up in the mornings, so at least we all get a good night's sleep, but some are in the middle of the night and we are up around 3:00am changing sheets. I have to say I am tired of changing the bed, and my first reaction is to put her back in pull ups, but I know she can do this-since she does it most of the time, and I figure that if she knows it will feel yucky when she goes in her bed, she will eventually be successful. It has been so exciting to not have to buy any pull ups or diapers for the last three to four weeks!! It is funny to see the little bitty underwear in the clothes when I fold them too. Strange what gets you makes you happy when you are a mommy.

I cannot go without mentioning Allison. At first I was thinking what could I say about her this week. Then, I thought I can say what a big girl she is turning out to be. She now has her much anticipated hamster, and Sunday was the second time to have to change his cage. She went upstairs and did it all by herself. She was so proud that she can take care of her hamster by herself. So far she has been very responsible with the hamster.

It still surprises me how much they are growing up. I have had little ones around for so long, I am not sure how to react when they start showing me that they are growing up! At the same time I am loving the independence that they are starting to display. It is a mixture of joy and sadness mixed together! My girls are growing up! They are not there yet, though, thank goodness.

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