Sunday, June 7, 2009

Down Time

We have been so lazy this past weeek. I did go get my haircut on Wednesday, and Allison and Leah got their haircut on Thursday. The girls just got a trim. I asked the stylist to make mine a little shorter than it had been, and I walked out with a haircut shorter than I wanted. Oh will grow out soon. I did not get Rachel's haircut. It is all one length and she can go longer between cuts. She had a short bob in the fall, because I could not get her to stop chewing on her hair. She seems to be out of that phase now, so I am going to let it grow out a little.....until it is too difficult to brush through, anyway.

The first of the week we had a friend visiting from Wisconsin for two nights. She recently moved from here and needed to come back and take care of some paperwork to rent her house that she cannot sell-not a good time to have to do that! We also had Grandpa here for one night. He came down and dropped off his kitty with us and spent the night, before Mike took him to the airport at 6:00am Tuesday morning to catch his plane to Wisconsin. Weird, isn't it that we had two house guests and both of them flew to Wisconsin on Tuesday!

The rest of the week just went by in blur of the girls swimming in the pool, complaining because it was raining, slip-n-sliding, and begging for a sleepover. The slip-n-slide was funny, because Rachel does not have the coordination to run and slide, so I just "tossed" her down the slide like a bowling ball. She loved really, she did! The girls had a neighbor over to spend the night on Friday. Other than being incredibly silly at times, that was not too bad. The girls were asleep by 10:30pm.

Today, we are stuck in the house and the girls are starting to get tired of each other. It has rained off and on all week, but it started early today (about 2:00pm) and it is still raining. The girls have gone upstairs to make a "movie" with the video camera. Right now, It sounds like the A-list actress and the director are having a difference of opinion.

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