Saturday, June 27, 2009

Pictures From Around The House

Just a few pictures that were taken in the last couple of weeks around the house. Below is my Bird Of Paradise. It does not bloom often, so I had to take a picture. Not nearly as interesting as your pictures, though, Rosie.

This wood stork wandered up to our back porch on a Saturday, about two weeks ago. He was eyeing Mike's ribs on the smoker. We walked outside and the silly bird came up to us! Just out of curiosity, I put out my hand and he came up to me. I guess this guy has had some free handouts! He hung out for a while, before he figured he was not getting any ribs.

Summer vacation makes for some bored little girls. Here they are dressing up like "super heroes." I thought they looked like ballerinas, but was informed otherwise.

This little bunny was hopping around the back yard one evening, recently. Since these pictures were taken, we have seen a bunny around on a regular basis. Maybe it is living in the shrubs in my flowerbeds. I found a baby rabbit in the flowerbed a few years ago, so it must be a good place to hide.

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