Sunday, February 8, 2009

Iguanas, Hospitals, and Artwork...........

How do you know when it is too cold in Florida? Apparently, when it gets too cold, the iguanas fall out of the trees! Seriously.........there was story on the news last night in a town South of here where animal control was having to go around and pick up "comatose" iguanas that had gotten too cold and fallen out of trees in the area. One person said she had about a dozen in her backyard. It was pretty funny! Anyway, it is finally starting to get a little warmer here, I bet the iguanas are glad. I know I am.

Rachel made it through another week at school in her big girl underwear. I think she only had one accident at home this week. She is really doing great! Wearing panties makes it hard to keep pants on her though. The diapers were what actually kept her pants on, it turns out. She has a round little belly and no hips, so it is nearly impossible to get pants to stay up on her. I guess I could get her some suspenders. I am sure she would love wearing those!

I had to take Allison to the hospital Friday to get an xray of her hand. She fell last Saturday and hurt it and complained about it all week. I felt it and told her I thought it was okay, but she kept complaining. I was so sure that she was okay, but a little voice kept telling me that I would feel just terrible if we found out later down the line that she had broken something. Anyway, after a trip to the doctor and hospital, we found out that everything was just fine, thank goodness. We were so proud of Allison, this week. She was one of seventeen students picked out of over 800 to have a piece of artwork on display at the mall here in town. She does not often stand out in a crowd, so it is really nice when she gets picked out for something.

Leah managed to make it through the week without losing any more teeth, but Rachel fell off a bench in the foyer and put quite the shiner on her chin. This was the first time she ever told me where she hurt herself. When I picked her up out of the floor she was pointing to her chin and saying booboo. I looked in her mouth, and fortunately she did bite her tongue or hit here teeth. Now, had that been Leah...........

Ouch! Rachel shows off her booboo.

Resident artist. Allison shows off her art work.

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