Tuesday, February 17, 2009

School Projects

Another week has started. The girls were out of school yesterday for the President's Day holiday. Allison and Leah stayed in their jammies all day! Rachel had an appointment with the endocrinologist, so she and I did not have that luxury. The doctor visit was just a check up. Rachel goes every six months to keep track of her thyroid function, since children with Down Syndrome are prone to hypothyroidism. So far so good, though. All her numbers look good, she looks good, her growth rate looks good...... so we just hang out until August when we check everything again.

The girls had put off homework 'til the last minute, so yesterday they both had projects to get done for today. Leah had to build a log cabin, and Allison had to write a paper on Anne Frank. Needless to say, I was quite busy with the school projects too. The log cabin was difficult to assemble, because it was made from pretzels, yes, pretzels.....the teacher's idea, not mine! I am not quite sure what Leah was supposed to learn from building a pretzel house, but she got very little out of it as I did most of the assembly. Allison's paper was supposed to be a book report from a biography that the kids had read, but the directions said that they should use several references to write their report. Sounds like a research paper to me, and fourth grade seems awfully early to start writing research papers! After completing the log cabin, Allison and I sat down together and worked on her paper. Fun, fun, fun!

Today, Allison is home sick. This means that we stayed up late last night working on the paper for nothing, since she did not go to school today to give her report. Poor thing, she must really feel bad, because she has not gotten out of bed all day. She is complaining of feeling tired and having a headache. She is stuffy and has a low grade fever. I hope it is not the flu!
Below is a picture of our log cabin. It is a little lopsided, but it was the best we could do. I was actually surprised that we were able to put one together! Check out the smoke we have coming out of the chimney.

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