Thursday, February 26, 2009

Leah's Turn

Last night Leah had her first soccer practice. She seemed to enjoy it too. This morning Allison was excited that she has practice again tonight. I hope the enthusiasm holds out through the season. It is hard enough for me to drag myself out of the house every afternoon with them wanting to go, so if they start complaining about going I don't see us making it through the season.

Rachel is enjoying the trips to the park. There is a playground there and she loves to swing. On Tuesday she had to go to the potty after we got to the field, and after the potty we walked over to the playground. Yesterday, not long after we got to the field, she started asking to go to the playground. I told her, "not yet." She sat there quietly for a few minutes, then she signed "potty." I know she did not need to go to the potty, because she went right before we left the house just so we would not have to use the public potty! Well, when working on potty training, you cannot argue, so we went to the potty. Sure enough she did not need to go. Now, I am on to her. She is a little soccer practice, then go potty, then get to swing at the playground. I have set up a pattern in her little brain already!

Below are some pictures of Leah at her first soccer practice.

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