Monday, January 26, 2009

Can You Do This?!?!

This is one of Rachel's favorite ways to sit! Looks comfy, doesn't it?!? I can't believe she can do that.
Hope everyone had a nice weekend. Our weather finally warmed back up. After two weeks of "winter" I am officially done! I was so glad to get back to the warm temperatures again. The girls had a good weekend. Allison had a slumber party to go to on Friday night. It started at 7:00pm. When I took her over and dropped her off, Leah went with me. The birthday girl has a sister that is Leah's age and they were in class together last year. Needless to say, Leah came home bummed out that Allison was getting to have all the fun and she had "nothing fun to do!!" Shortly after we got back to the house, Allison called from the party and wanted to know if Leah could spend the night too. After talking with the mom and Leah (as if I had to ask her if she wanted to go), we took Leah over to the party to spend the night with her little friend. There is no way I would have let Allison do that in first grade, but now that Allison has done it, it doesn't seem so scary to let Leah do it too. Allison was such a sweet big sister to let Leah go. I asked Allison if she would be okay having her little sister around her friends, and she said it was fine. Despite all their arguing and fighting I think they may actually like each other. Sometimes I really wonder.

Saturday morning was Rachel's horseback riding. It was so nice to get up and just have to deal with Rachel. It is so easy to just have to deal with one. I think I will try to work out another slumber party for the big girls!! The slumber party turned into "the party that would not end." Mike went to pick the girls up at noon when the invitation said the party was over, but the cake had not been cut, the presents had not been opened and the girls asked to stay longer. They said they would call when they were done. Finally, at 2:30pm. I went and picked up the girls even though they had not called. The birthday girl had still not opened the presents!! The girls did not not protest about leaving, so I think they were actually ready to come home.

Sunday morning we went to church. I assist in Allison's 3-4 grade class. They have it set up so that you teach a month and then off a month. This was my last Sunday to teach until March. That is a relief! Kids are such brats these days. The boys in the class could not sit still and be quiet if their lives depended on it. It makes for a long hour and a half. Sunday afternoon Leah and I went to the grocery store. I have no idea why Leah thinks she likes to go to the grocery store. I hope she keeps thinking like that, because when she get older I can send her to the store and not have to go! She had a good time taking all the coupons that are scattered around the store and taste testing all the samples of fruit in the produce department.

Today I got the girls off to school and then went to volunteer for Allison's teacher. At noon, I picked up Rachel and ran to downtown Melbourne to see about getting her glasses fixed. She had broken the little rubber nose piece....again. Fortunately, it only cost $5 to replace. Much to my dismay, the shop was closed for lunch, figures! I am not sure when I will get back down there. The rest of the week is busy with volunteering and appointments. I have to go back for my follow up mammogram on Friday, to see if the spot they notice in October has changed or not. It is going to be a busy week.............

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  1. Hannah (and I) are totally "creeped out" by Rachel's feet being on backwards!! Hannah tried to do the same move, but needless to say, was not successful.