Wednesday, January 28, 2009

It Is Not Cold Anymore!

What a difference a week makes! Last week at this time the temperature was in the 40s. Today we are in the 80s. It almost feels like summer out there. We have stashed the jackets and sweaters and pulled out the shorts and flip flops again. I am not sure how long the heat will last, though. I think it is supposed to cool off again in the next few days. I hope all of you stay safe in the nasty winter winter weather that is hitting so much of the Eastern part of the country.

Our week is going by so slowly!!! I cannot believe it is just Wednesday. I have not been as busy as I thought I was going to be, because the volunteering at the school has was cancelled or changed. Tomorrow will be busy though. I am not sure how I will be able to work in a dentist appointment, a doctor appointment and volunteering for Allison's teacher all before noon.

I have almost forgotten to mention some of my biggest news. Rachel has been wearing underwear since Saturday!! She has had a few accidents, but has done well. I am putting her in pull ups for sleeping, though. I am so excited to think that in the near future, we will be done with diapers!!!! I have been changing diapers since August 19, 1998, and I am tired of it!

Allison has decided to try some of Leah's styling tips. Below is a picture of her as she headed out to school this morning.

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