Friday, January 30, 2009


The end to another week. This week seemed to last forever. I guess I have not yet gotten used to the girls being in school five days a weak again. It seems that every time we turn around, the school has another holiday, so since the Christmas break, this was only the second week the girls went to school for all five days.

I finally got around to going to school to visit with the girls during their lunch. They had been asking all week, and I had yet to make it. So, today I decided I would do it. The problem is that I was supposed to meet Rachel's PT at the house at 12:30pm for Rachel's therapy. We only meet once a month-I will use that as my excuse. Well, at some point in the morning I forgot all about the appointment and totally missed the therapist because I was with Allison at her lunchtime. I felt so bad for forgetting that. I had been doing so good with all of my appointments this week, and it was the last one for the week! Oh, by the way, my mammogram went well this morning, and the doctor said I did not need to come back again until my regular yearly appointment. Yea!!

I am proud to say that Leah was student of the month in her class. The teachers pick one student each month out of their class. This is the second time that Leah has gotten this award in two years. In five years at Suntree, Allison got her first award this year, so it is not just given to every child in the class. Leah constantly complains about having to go to school, but seems to be doing well.

Rachel made it all week wearing her "big girl" underwear! She did not have a single accident at school, and I think she only had two here at home-three at the most. I am so excited. Now, if she would just decide to go to the potty on her own, we would be set. She never initiates a trip to the potty. She will even say no when you ask her if she needs to go, but if you take and put her on the potty, she will go. If you wait too long between trips to the potty, she will go in her undies. She is making progress, though, and for that I am thankful!!

Have I mentioned that Allison wants a hamster? She has been begging for one for quite some time. Finally, after Christmas, we set up a rewards program for her to earn a hamster. She has been doing great with it and doing lots of things around the house to earn points. It has really been nice! I have been very proud of how grownup she had been behaving. I think she is starting to tire of the whole thing, though. This last week, she has been very argumentative and very defiant-back to her old self so to speak. This has resulted in a week of grounding-that started on Monday and went through today-and as of last night, the whole hamster thing got put on hold. Allison is a very difficult child at times and will refuse to give in and do what she is told to do. It is so frustrating to watch her dig herself into a hole. When it is all said and done, she blames me and Mike for the whole thing. "If we just wouldn't be so mean, she would not have to be grounded, yelled at, etc.......... I am so dreading the teen age years!

Mike called me at lunch today to tell me he had to make a trip to South Carolina and would be leaving this afternoon. As I type this, he is en route. Thank goodness I am not working and having to try to do something with the kids at the last minute. That was always so stressful!! He is not sure when he will be back. Right now, he says he may get back tomorrow or Sunday. Soooo, I guess it is just me and the girls for a night or two. We did not have any plans for the "big" weekend, anyway. I just don't see the draw of the Superbowl. I kept thinking I needed to call my sister and talk her into renting out her house to some silly person that travelled to Tampa to see the game. They were saying, on the radio, that people were renting out their houses for some pretty hefty prices.

Anyway, hope everyone has a great weekend.........after highs in the upper 80s yesterday, we are heading into a rather cool weekend. I hope it is not too cold when Rachel goes to her horseback riding tomorrow. I think they are saying we will be getting down around the 39 or 40 tonight! Yuck!!

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