Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Okay, It Is Really Cold Now!

Wow!! It is chilly here! We have been in the 50s all day with strong winds, and it will be near freezing tonight. I guess I will have to bring a few of my plants inside tonight. Mike is always saying that he hates the cold. I keep thinking, "It's is not so bad." I think I am changing my mind, though. Standing out there in the cold wind this afternoon, I was wishing for warmer weather. I know so many of you are calling me a wimp right now, so I will just admit it......"I am a cold weather wimp!!!"

We had a busy weekend. Mike had to go into work Saturday morning. I got the girls out of the house around 9:30am. We ran and picked up a gift card and headed to a birthday party at 10:00am. Rachel and I hung out at the party until 10:45am, and then we went to Harmony Farms for Rachel's riding class. Turns out, a lot of people down here are cold weather wimps. It was a beautiful day, but it was in the low 60s and really windy. Out of about 15 students, only 3 showed up Saturday morning. A neighbor brought Allison and Leah home from the party for me. Rachel and I stopped by a local park on the way home from horseback riding and signed Allison and Leah up for spring soccer. They have never done soccer before, but they are both saying they want to try it. I was hoping I was going to be able to make it through motherhood without having to be a "soccer mom."

Sunday, we went to church. It was over at around 12:30. From there, we headed over to the nearby Catholic church for a Christening. After the Christening, the family invited everyone to the country club for brunch. It was nice and the kids had a good time hanging out with all the other neighborhood kids that were there. We got home from that at about 3:30pm. A little later the same family invited us over to their house to hang out. They had the hot tub going, so the kids were having a good time splashing around. We stayed over there until about 9:00pm. The kids were worn out! Good thing that Monday was a holiday.

Poor Leah.............Dentists don't take off for MLK holiday. She had to get up and go to the dentist yesterday. She had to have another tooth pulled. She had this done not too long ago, so she knew about "THE SHOT!" She was so worked up about having it done that the dentist had to keep taking a break and going on to other patients and coming back to Leah. Leah refused to open her mouth, and the dentist didn't want to be forceful. After an hour of trying to talk Leah into it, I was more than ready force Leah into it, but the dentist kept her cool. She is really nice and did not act like this was annoying her. I know she had to be looking at the time and thinking, "let's just get this over with!" Leah got the shot, finally, and the dentist got the tooth out in a nanosecond. Over an hour of bribing, bargaining, and pleading for a half second procedure.

Leah dutifully put her tooth under her pillow last night. As I was waking her up this morning, it dawned on me that she had probably put the tooth under her pillow. "D!@#$%!!! I forgot all about it!! If letting the kids play out in the rain does not make me a bad mommy, this surely does. This is not the first time this has happened. Actually, it happens with such regularity, that Leah was not too surprised to find her tooth still under her pillow. I hope that I don't forget it again tonight!!

The big girls got their report cards today. Leah got all Os for Outstanding!! Allison got all As and one B. The B was in math. It is her least favorite subject. I am sorry to say that I can't fault her for that. I was never really great in math either. I am very proud of both of them.

Leah minus another baby tooth. These pictures are starting to all look alike, aren't they?

This is a project Leah had to turn in today. She had to make a collection and label it. She decided to do seeds. We rounded up seeds from the kitchen and the neighborhood. When she was done it didn't look half bad.

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