Thursday, January 22, 2009

Did I Say It Was Cold!?!?

It is still cold here. We woke up to a frosty morning this morning. The girls thought that was really cool, and I had a hard time herding them into the car because they were so excited to see the ice on the cars and grass. This is the coldest I have seen it here in the 5 years we have been here. I hope all of my plants make it through. Driving the kids to school, I noticed some freeze damage to some plants in the area.

I had to laugh yesterday. The girls came home and told me that this cold weather sucks because they were not able to go out for recess yesterday and have been told that they will stay in again today. In Minnesota, the school sent a note home with Allison saying that the kids would be going out to recess until the wind chill hit -10 degrees. -10 degrees vs 45 degrees.......not much difference I guess. The girls' school is unusual, in that it is all outside. There are not halls. There is no gym. To get to another room, cafeteria, library, etc., you have to go outside. It was pretty chilly walking between buildings yesterday. Fortunately, this is not the norm!! Most of the time it is a pleasant walk around campus.

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