Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Off and running through another week. I hope all of you up North are staying warm. If it is cold here, that means it must be freezing everywhere else!

Yesterday, I had to go shopping for all the things the girls will need this week for school-party supplies, not school supplies, mind you. Allison and Rachel need party favors and Leah needs candy for their parties on Friday. The fact that I had to go shopping, meant I had to go to Target. I have a love/hate relationship with that store. I love their stuff, but cannot seem to walk out of there without spending too much money and wasting too much time. My neighbor and I call it going into the "Target Zone." I spent 1 1/2 hours in there and spent $100-ugh! I did save 10% with my coupon though ;-).

Today started out COLD! I know that 50 degrees is not cold for most of you, but here, we freeze when the temp gets below 60 degrees. Today when we got up, it was 50 and very windy. The windy made it feel quite chilly. Thank goodness I was able to pick up some coats for the girls at Target yesterday! Allison has not had a coat for the last year. She went through all last winter wearing a fleece jacket. Some days it was just barely enough, so this year she has a new coat. (coat in Florida terms is actually just a little more than a fleece jacket)

I was field trippin' again this week. Fortunately, this trip was to a local restaurant and not the lagoon this time. This was Rachel's trip. The kids went to Carraba's (sp?) and got to try their hand at making pizza, meatballs, and salad. They seemed to have a pretty good time. Rachel was really scared of the flames at the grill and would not even look in the direction of the chef when he was cooking the chicken, but she enjoyed the pizza dough, and her favorite part was getting to eat the food when they were done. Below are some pictures of Rachel's trip.

Rachel gets off the school bus. She really seemed to be excited about getting to ride the bus!
Rachel wears her homemade chef hat. I finally have a picture of her wearing her glasses. She will not keep them on at home, she she wears them mostly at school.

Rachel puts on her apron. Now she is ready to cook.
Rachel works with the pizza dough. This was by far the kids favorite spot in the kitchen. Notice Rachel is not wearing her glasses anymore. She took them off just a few minutes prior to this picture and threw them in the floor.

Rachel's class poses with the chefs who showed them around the kitchen. They were soooo nice to all of us. I could not believe how patient they were with the kids and how they really seemed to enjoy showing the kids around.

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