Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A Week Without Appointments!

Hope every one's week is going along smoothly. I got to start out my week with a day off.....sort of. Mike had the day off from work because of Columbus Day, but the girls did not, so after I dropped the girls off at school, Mike and I went kayaking. It was like not having kids!! Mike has had the boat for a while, but I have not had a chance to go out in it. The girls keep wanting me to go kayaking with them, but that means standing around the landing and taking turns riding in the kayak. Not exactly my idea of fun. We had a really good time. The weather was very comfortable, although a little windy. It made for some chappy water in places, but we were able to keep the boat in sheltered waters for the most part. We saw a mommy and baby dolphin feeding and three manatees just hanging out. In the kayak, you get a chance to get really close without scaring off the animals, so it was really cool.

After kayaking we came home and cleaned up, went and picked up Rachel, and went out to lunch. It was a much better Monday than last week when I spent all day running back and forth to the dentist and school. Afterwards, I had to come home and change to fish tanks and start on laundry. After to running all over the place last week, I was seriously behind on laundry. I got the girls clothes done yesterday and am working on mine and Mike's clothes today.

This week will be a bit less hectic than last thank goodness. No dentists, no haircuts, etc. The girls all have their school pictures this week. Rachel's was today. I worked and worked trying to get her hair to stay in place, but I am afraid it was to no avail. When I picked her up at noon, it looked like it always does-sticking up everywhere. The pictures were at 9:15am, so maybe her hair looked okay until then. The teacher told me that they took off Rachel's glasses for the picture. I was not sure I wanted to do the picture with her glasses or not, but I had sort of decided I wanted them on. I put them on her before school and the teacher did not ask me what I wanted to do. I figured that if I did not tell her to take them off, that she would leave them on. Oh well, I was not sure what I wanted to do anyway. Rachel does not wear her glasses at home because every time she gets out of my sight she takes them off and throws them in the floor, so we don't have any pictures of her wearing them.

Preparing Leah for her pictures on Thursday should be interesting. I don't know what I am going to do to get Leah's hair to cooperate. She is in that "growing out" stage and it looks a little crazy-I know the pictures of her hair cut looked cute, but that was the work of the stylist. We cannot get it to look at all like that! I cannot wait to see what she picks out to wear for the picture. She certainly has her own style, and sometimes I can change her mind and sometimes I cannot. I usually let her wear whatever she picks out, but on picture days I have to say no to some of her ideas. Allison is starting to have and idea of what goes together and what doesn't so she will not be as big of challenge. She has also said that she might want to have her hair pulled back out of her face. I was always trying to get her to do that in the past, but without much luck.

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