Monday, October 20, 2008

We've Got Style!

We got through this morning on schedule. I could not believe we made it! I reminded the kids that today was the day to wear red-for the Just Say No To Drugs Week at school. Fortunatley, Allison did not want to wear red. I actually don't think she owns anything red!! Leah said she wanted to change her outfit, so she picked out a red outfit and I ironed it for her. Then she decided that she did not want to wear the red shirt. I said that was fine, but I did not know that she intended to wear the red skirt with the brown shirt (with pink polka dots) from the first outfit. I suggested she not mix and match the outfits, but she would have none of that. Below is a picture of her as she headed out of the house this morning. The picture doesn't do the outfit justice. Oh yeah, the socks are light purple. She is my little fashionista!

1 comment:

  1. You ironed her shirt? Wow, what is that?
    In our house it is called the dryer :)You ran awesome mom.