Friday, October 10, 2008

Thank Goodness It Is Friday

What a busy week! Monday was the volunteering and girls to the dentist post earlier this week. Tuesday was not too bad, just haircuts for the girls. Wednesday was my day to volunteer in Allison's classroom. The teacher gave me stuff do and sent me off with a permanent marker. I thought it would not take too long, but three and half hours later, I finally finished the stuff and was stoned on permanent marker fumes. I am still not sure if I spelled alliteration right, and I am glad that I did not get pulled over on the way to pick Rachel up from school! ;-) Thursday was my turn to go to the dentist. It was a "2fer". I got my teeth cleaned and got new invisalign retainers. The dentist said that the invisalign is working great, but he also found a cavity-ugh! Therefore........I was at the dentist again today to get that filled. I hate having my mouth numb!! I am sitting here now, trying to keep from drooling on the keyboard.

Today is Rachel's 5th birthday! Can you believe that? It seems like forever since we lived in Minnesota, but I still cannot believe she is five. As I was getting her ready for school this morning I kept trying to get her to say she was five and hold up her five fingers. (As I'm doing this, I am thinking that it is going to foil my attempts to get her into Disney parks for free by telling them she is three!!) We took some cookies to the classroom this morning so that the kids can celebrate with Rachel at lunch, and I went to the store this morning after dropping her off at school and bought her presents. Yes, presents. Allison and Leah each want to give her a present too. I hope I remembered all my instructions from Allison-get her a present from each of us, get a chocolate chip cookie cake, and get some m&ms for the party. We are just going to have a little family party tonight. I will send pictures of the birthday girl soon.

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