Friday, October 24, 2008


I forgot to mention that Mike returned from his cross country trek this week. He left on Thursday the 16th, leaving Melbourne around 2:00pm EDT on a commercial plane. He arrived in Portland, OR around 2:00am EDT. Friday morning he got in the company plane and started his trek back across the country in a small plane. He stopped in Boise, ID; Denver, CO; Boulder, CO; St. Louis, Mo; Nashville, TN; and Huntsville, AL. For those friends that we have in those areas, I just want to let you know that if he had been in the area for more than a few hours, he would have contacted you, but unfortunately he did not get a chance to stay more than a couple of hours in most places. He finally arrived back in Melbourne around 9:00pm EDT on Wednesday the 22nd. Thursday he got up and had to fly down to Vero Beach, but that is just 45 minutes away, so he was back home on Thursday evening. After his busy week, he says that he is going to stay home this weekend and not go in to work. We will see if he can stick to that. Below are some pictures that Mike took on his trip this past week.

I would certainly not want to go across the country in something this small!
Snow topped mountains. I would get Mike to tell you where this is, but after so many days of traveling he doesn't know either.
This was taken in Oregon. Mike says it is Mt. Hood. I would love to get out there sometime to see the sites.
Mike's requisite self portrait. He is really stylin' with the nasal cannula!!

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