Friday, October 24, 2008

Week of Goofy

Wow!! I cannot believe that it is Friday already. This week just zoomed by. Monday I volunteered for Allison's teacher. Fortunately, that was short and sweet. Tuesday, I was busy washing and folding clothes. It was the only day I had to get that done. Wednesday I was back at Suntree to volunteer for Allison's teacher. She gave me a "simple" task of sorting the class T-shirts and putting them in the kids' mailboxes. I was thinking I could handle that quickly. I was wrong! I put all the shirts in the mailboxes, only to discover that I had not noticed that there were youth mediums and adult mediums. Okay, easy enough to fix, right? Just go through the 23 mailboxes and find the mediums. That would have been easy if a kid had not gone home sick while I was there. I gave him his shirt before he left, but not before I discovered there were two sizes of medium. After going through all the mailboxes and not finding the adult medium I was missing, I assumed I sent it home with the sick kid. I called his mom and left a message for her to call me back. At that point, I came home to do some things around the house. When the mom called about two hours later, she told me her son had the right size shirt..........back to Allison's school, back through all 23 mailboxes again, no medium adult shirt to be found. The teacher and I came up with plan B to get a T-shirt to every kid.

I thought I was done with the school for the day. I was wrong again. The teacher happened to bump into the assistant principal and decided I needed to help him too. I ended up having to count out a couple of hundred papers and distribute them into the teachers' mailboxes. The teacher also decided that I needed to bring in a cooler to her classroom before school was out. I had volunteered to bring a cooler for the field trip the next day, but nowhere had I been informed that the teacher wanted the cooler at school the day before the field trip (I could have taken it one of the two times I had already been up there that day!).

After stuffing the teachers' mailboxes, I ran to get Rachel at her school. She and I ran home and grabbed a bite to eat and ran back to the school with the cooler. Then, we ran to the pediatrician to get Rachel a flu shot. When I first discussed this with the doctor, she stated that we did not need to make an appointment, but when I called to check to see if they had the vaccines available, they told me I needed an appointment-that costs me a $20 copay for an office visit. From there, we had to hurry home because the big girls were already home from school. I had given Allison the garage door opener when I ran back to school with the cooler. I told her that I probably would not be home from the pediatrician when they got home, but I would be home soon after that. I told her to just get her and Leah into the house and get started on their homework. Well, when I called home to see that they had made it into the house, no one answered. So I called next door and found out they were there, thank goodness. It turns out that on the way home from school, Allison dropped the garage door opener and the batteries fell out. She did not get them back in there correctly, so the she could not get the door opened. Note to self, next time give her a key!

Thursday I went on a field trip with Allison's class. It was to the Indian River Lagoon. The kids got to seine in the lagoon and take water quality tests. It brought back memories from my marine science days! It was a lot of fun. The class caught a HUGE puffer fish, two pipe fish, some juvenile fish that I have no idea what they much for those marine science memories.......and two of the tiniest seahorses I have ever seen. It was cloudy, windy and cool, but getting in the water was not too bad and it only rained on us a little. All in all it was a fun trip.

Today I had to go in for a follow up mammogram. I went in a couple of weeks ago, and they thought they saw something suspicious. Today I did another mammogram and an ultrasound. The doctor said it looked benign, but he wants me to come back in for another mammogram in three months just to be safe. This afternoon, the girls have had friends over to play. The girls are sisters that are Allison's and Leah's ages. They have played pretty well together, so maybe we will do it again. Tomorrow is the Buddy Walk, but it is supposed to rain. I am not sure if I will go if it is raining. I have done that before, but I am just not up for that this year. They neighborhood is also having a Halloween party at the playground and the girls are having a fit to put on their costumes and go to that. Below are some pictures from this week.
Rachel works on riding her tricycle. She is not happy here becasue she is saying "done" and I am saying just a little bit more.
Rachel's new favorite thing is the Leapster game, the Letter Factory. She may actually be learning some of her letters and letter sounds.
This is what happens when the kids get their hands on the camera and are in a silly mode.

Allison's field trip.

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