Saturday, October 25, 2008

Down Syndrome Buddy Walk 2008

We made it to the Buddy Walk this morning. It was broken overcast the first of the morning, but no rain. It was the standard warm and very muggy weather that has come to be the norm for the walk. It was great to get to visit with everyone. We also bumped into an amazing family I had heard about on the internet. They live about an hour North of us. They have taken on the challenge of adopting children with DS from places like the the Ukraine. In a lot of countries, these children are still placed in institutions with very little stimulation. This family has adopted two children with DS so far (I believe they have two biological children one of which has DS) and are actively trying to locate more families to adopt these special little ones. After the walk the girls got their faces painted, rode the ponies, petted lots of animals and played on the playground. Just as the festivities were winding down, the rain moved in. We got pretty wet walking back to the car. Thank goodness I had remembered to take the umbrellas along with us.

The girls just before the start of the walk.

Rachel in the bouncy.
Butterfly girls. They love the face painting, but I dread when they have to wash it off this evening.
Petting the pot-bellied pig. I had no idea their hair was soooo coarse. He was so cute!
Allison finally gets to ride a horse after having to watch Rachel ride every Saturday.
Rachel didn't have to go two weeks without getting to ride after all. She was a bit confused when she made one loop around and had to get off. You could see she was thinking that it was not long enough.
Leah gets her turn.
Rachel gets to swing in a big girls swing.

The rain begins to really come down on the way to the car. Of course it stopped as soon as we got to the car.

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