Monday, October 6, 2008

What a Day!

I am glad that Monday is almost over! I took Allison and Leah to school at 7:45am, took Rachel to school at 8:00am, drove back to Allison's and Leah's school to volunteer in Allison's class at 8:30am, left their school to go pick up Rachel at 9:15am, back to Allison's and Leah's school to pick up Leah at 9:30am, took both girls to the dentist at 10:00am, ran home and fed Leah and Rachel lunch at 11:00am, and then took Leah back to school at 11:40am. I decided not to take Rachel back to her school because I would have to pick her up just 30 minutes later. Rachel and I went to downtown Melbourne to get Rachel's glasses fixed at 12:15pm (not a convenient place, but the only place in town to get Rachel glasses small enough to fit her face), stopped and got my oil changed at 12:30pm, went to the grocery store at 1:00, got home at 2:15pm, put away the groceries, cleaned up the breakfast and lunch dishes, and then the kids came thru the door. Fortunately, they did not have a lot of homework. I am tired. At least now I have something to fix for dinner tonight and will have something to pack in the girls' lunchboxes.

Forgot to the pictures of Rachel, the beautiful golden retriever puppy in the picture with Rachel is NOT ours-thank goodness. Her name is Sophie and she belongs to Allison's friend. Since Jake died in March the girls have been hounding me (pardon the pun) to get another dog. I just cannot bring myself to accept the responsibility of a new dog. I would like to have one, but I don't want to have to deal with whatever psychotic behavior it will have (because every pet I get is psychotic!) and I don't want to have to clean up after it! I clean up enough kitty puke as it is with Conan around. By the way, the trim we gave him seems to have helped the shedding and he has not thrown up too much since then. He is starting to shed again, so I guess it is time to for him to get another trim. Maybe we can do better this time.

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